Targeted, expert lead generation

across multiple industries

Using decades of marketing expertise in a variety of sectors we help your business grow exponentially.

Our Strategy

Cobra Contact gets you results by reaching out to your perfect prospects using a one-on-one approach. The secret sauce is an omnichannel, omnitouch strategy. 

Meaning, we combine different media and channels to reach your target audience and leverage every opportunity to qualify or convert your prospects.

Imagine a stream of qualified leads coming in so you can focus on doing what your do best instead of trying to drum up new interest.

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What To Expect From Us

Tailored Lead Generation

Your business is unique.  We take the time to really understand who your ideal prospects are. Everything from the company they work at to what they eat for breakfast.

WIN - WIN Mentality

We look for long term partnerships with companies. This means the wins have to go both ways, long term growth for both of us. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Innovative Strategies

With the current pace of technology it's hard to keep up to date with what works vs. what doesn't. Every day we're hard at work researching and testing the latest strategies so you don't have to.

Great Communication

This is a big one for us. Good communication is about understanding instructions, asking questions and relaying information to you with ease. You don't have time for miscommunication and we don't either.