How we grow your business...

We Prospect, You Close

Multi Channel

Email - LinkedIn - Facebook - Instagram - Messenger - Google Search - Google Display - Youtube

Using a host of contact research technologies we start by handpicking a list of leads that match your perfect clients.

Our copy writing specialists then create compelling copy that both educates your prospects on your offer and triggers them to take a call to action.

We then use email marketing and LinkedIn to generate inbound leads and build brand awareness. 

Your leads are then nurtured through a funnel that includes social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and popular search and display networks provided by Google.

Why Us?

By outsourcing your lead generation to Cobra Contact you reduce the stress and workload of staying up to date with latest strategies and best practices - so you can focus on closing deals.

Using us is more cost effective than managing an in-house business development team and, well, a no brainer.

We Prospect, You Close

Customer Results

One of the reasons our campaigns are so successful is because they are highly tailored to each client. 

Krunal Panchal

40+ Leads per month

"They work with the client as if your part of the team. They go above and beyond the requirements - even if its not in the scope they are helping tremendously."

Leander De Caluwe

$210k in Sales

"We have way more time to spend servicing our clients instead of finding new ones. Stefan helped us also a lot with optimising our landing pages and making sure that our clients go on the right journey the moment that they see us the first time."

Pontus Bäckman

£450k in Sales

"I guess our company isn't the only one that is struggling finding good quality leads so that we can spend the time closing them rather than trying to find them. They took the time to get to know us as a company, but especially how they really understood our clients and their needs."

64x Better Results

We Prospect, You Close