Innovative and effective

outsourced B2B lead generation

Using a host of contact research technologies we start by handpicking a list of leads that match your perfect clients.

Our copy writing specialists then create compelling copy that both educates your prospects on your offer and triggers them to take a call to action.

We then use email marketing and LinkedIn to generate inbound leads and build brand awareness. 

Your leads are then nurtured through a funnel that includes social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, YouTube and popular search and display networks provided by Google.

Why Us?

The benefit of outsourcing your lead generation to Cobra Contact is that you outsource the stress and workload of staying up to date with best practices and the rapidly changing lead generation strategies - so you can focus on closing deals.

By using economies of scale and a specially trained internal team we make outsourcing your lead generation more cost effective than doing it in-house and, well, a no brainer.