Intelligent Demand Generation

Spend your time closing deals rather than finding them

1 Identify

Your perfect leads are hand-picked and quality checked to ensure they're relevant. 

2 Engage

We educate your leads on your offer across multiple channels.

3 Convert

Leads that take the bite, are passed on to your sales team to close. 

Cobra Contact + Your Company

= More money in your pocket

Grow Faster

Scale your lead generation with personalised and timely connections on multiple channels to your perfect lead persona. 

Sounds simple right? Well, there's a ton of cutting edge stuff that happens in-between! But...

The end result is you get more inbound qualified leads, so you can focus on closing them rather than finding them.

Cobra Contact B2B lead generation cobracontact

Our access to large databases and intelligent lead nurturing allows you to engage with decision-makers of all levels and generate high-quality appointments.


Contact and company records


Sales channels



Reach New Customers

Using AI and a whole host of fancy tools we find targeted B2B leads across the globe for your campaign. We can target specific cities, states or specific demographics. 

Whatever your perfect lead looks like, our team of cobras will hunt them down on a global scale! :)

"Skip the stress of lead generation and go straight to the close."

Customer Reviews

Krunal Panchal

40+ Leads per month

"They work with the client as if your part of the team. They go above and beyond the requirements - even if its not in the scope they are helping tremendously."

Leander De Caluwe

$210k in Sales

"We have way more time to spend servicing our clients instead of finding new ones. Stefan helped us also a lot with optimising our landing pages and making sure that our clients go on the right journey the moment that they see us the first time."

Pontus Bäckman

£450k in Sales

"I guess our company isn't the only one that is struggling finding good quality leads so that we can spend the time closing them rather than trying to find them. They took the time to get to know us as a company, but especially how they really understood our clients and their needs."

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